About Us

Hi there first off let me fill you in on who we are as a couple then we can fill you in on who we are as individuals. So we are a man and a woman who met online and have been together almost a year now. We fight against the odds everyday cause I am in the USA east coast and he is in United Kingdom, England. September 12th will be a year we have been dating and we are so in love. We thought this would be a great adventure to take together sharing every part of us with every part of the world. So even though we have yet to meet we know that we have found our soulmates and are wiling to fight the odds of a long distance relationship. Matter fact Forever Kismet is because we have so many similarities as well as things that make it seem as if fate has a hand in us meeting and such its pure Kismet.

On to us as individuals...

Hi my name is Danyale. I'm 34 almost 35 as of September 5th, just don't remind me. I have no kids just one fur baby kitty named Libby. I'm Native American and white and born and raised in North Carolina, USA. I'm a bit of a geeky dork and even have a little bit of nerd in me as well. I'm definitely classified as a gamer geek that's for sure. My favorite color is green and purple and no not the joker :P although i love batman ha-ha. I love to laugh and joke around and just be me. I'm a plus sized girl, southern girl that has a heart of gold, but sadly am socially awkward and these days am very anti social due to being hurt so many times in the past. I have been blogging for over 5 years and actually even have a blog of my own that I do reviews and giveaways on, just I'm trying to expand more here and less there these days for a fresh start. I guess that's all I can think of for now :) Oh and this sexy man under me is my world best thing to ever happen to me.

Hi there! My name is Warren and I'm from United Kingdom. Purely born and raised in the UK or more specifically London. I am currently 26 and was born on the 16th July. I presently own one cat but have always preferred dogs and one day would like to move to America. The best description of me I can give is that I am a nerd, a geek, a gamer and a dork all rolled into one. My favourite colours are black, red, blue, purple and silver. Beyond being heavy into gaming I also enjoy anime and manga and am heavily invested in the sci-fi genre. Unlike most sci-fi fans who draw a line I love both Star Trek and Star Wars as well as other fantasy things like Lord of the Rings. Thanks to finding my geeky girlfriend above my life will be complete once I am finally in America with her.

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